Monday, 15 March 2010

The Final Days in the Juicy Apple***

So today red and white gemmed Russian Dolls, I’m going to chat about the 4th day and the Final day of the adventure of the New York Trip.

I remember we started the day with walking through 5th Avenue to eventually hit the famous Central Park where, Friends, Sex and the City and many New York programmes and films have had scenes in this glorious park. That day happened to still have piles of Snow set on the ground and line up of horse and carriages. So me and my friends hopped on board with a warm blanket and were driven around by a very enthusiastic Irish man whom was a huge fan of our accents and Manchester United apparently. It was like being taken to a snow ball, minus the ball gowns, it was so romantic with the light breeze and the snow. We passed by the ice skating rink where beginners were tumbling on their knees, the local joggers puffing away in the cold, The Ghostbusters building, and a vintage beautiful carrousel which had been there since 1907!

After the peaceful tour around Central Park, we decided to go for another form of New York Transportation..... The Subway. Compared to the English Underground, it’s a little bit spookier and not very many advertisements, where The Underground in London is bombarded by perfume, Westend plays, Museums, and Music posters. Eventually a long metallic caterpillar of a Subway Train arrived where we all entered and like the Underground if you’re not grabbing onto something, you will get knocked down.

We arrived at the meatpacking district where the roads were cobbled and something felt a bit more rustic about the place. The first store we went into was the Alexander McQueen store, with plain white curved walls and neon blue lighting; it was like going into the McQueen Space Ship. He had mannequins which hung from the ceiling so they were like floating in the air. I requested to see his famous Alien shoes, but they were so exclusive they weren’t stocked in that shop and had to be exclusively requested.

Next to McQueen was fellow British designer Matthew Williamson and that was like entering a fantasy Jungle. In a glass encased with branches and leaves were Mathew Williamson dresses shown like an exotic bird in a zoo. The visual merchandiser for this shop made sure even to the tiniest of details that it was impressive like in the changing rooms there were tiny gold leaf butterflies on the walls with silver crystals on the wings of the butterflies. It made me think one day in my own fantasy land Brad Pitt would like to get married to me in a Matthew Williamson dress.

Across the street was Diane Von Furstenberg, the woman who made the phenomenon wrap dress in the 1970’s has now become a huge high end respectable designer. When I entered the shop, it was a lot smaller than I expected it to be, none the less very funky dresses with kaleidoscopic Amazonian patterned dresses, bursting out with crazily vivid colours. One thing I loved about the store was that there was a little guest book, where people write their comments and thoughts in the book, and the shop assistant told us Diane Von Furstenberg collects them after every couple of months and reads all the comments. This was so delightful to think that a famous designer was reading our comments, a couple of students all the way from Nottingham.

One shop I found fascinating was the individual shop was the Wonderland Beauty parlour. The reason why I found it so interesting was the fact it sold really quirky items such as banana-Andy Warhol-stylesque wallpaper, rainbow Holga Cameras with fish eye lenses, books of the most eccentric artists, designers and stylists. The products in the shop were outstanding but the exquisite chandelier and hot pink ches long were also a monument in the shop.

When the final day of New York came it was quite sad, as it was such an experience and experience so many things 5th Avenue, Soho, Central Par, Meat Packing District, Lower East side and many more it was hard to decide what to do on the last day. But we decided to have a stroll to ABC carpet and home. I loved it in there it was this warehouse but there several sections within it, like a Bollywood India, Alice in wonderland eclectic world, pastel baby innocence section, rustic Scandinavian simple wood and metal items and many more. I just found it funny when my friend asked me
“How much do you think this carpet costs?”
I replied, “$1,000”
“No $10,000!!!”

We ended the day by going to the sky bar where if you bought a drink you were allowed access to the roof terrace where you could see the sunset dip over New York city.
So over the four and a half days I experienced a lot in New York, and no matter what I write people will have completely different perceptions, ideas, thoughts and memories of their first time in New York, but all I can say is Go and have fun in New York, you’d be a fool not too!!!!!!
Au revoir blobs of paint.

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