Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Black Swan

So I went to the cinema the other day and saw an advert for the new film
Black Swan
I am sooooooo excited a mixture of Rodarte costumes,
with Natalie Portman,
ballet and thriller
all mixed up together to look like a very very striking film I CANNOT wait to see!

  Here are some fashion images based on a new theme 
(and I bet new trend) of ballet.
(Marilyn Monroe)

 (Jan Mansy, Unknown, Lady GaGa, Solve Sundsbo, Vogue Russia May 2010, WeeGee Ballerina, Oskar Schlemmer)

(Salvador Dali Balle Russe inspired painting, Ballet Russe)
 (Jimmy Backius for Swedish Elle)                                 

(Tim Walker Photography)

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