Saturday, 29 January 2011

Bread and Butter

When we were in Berlin we went the week where it was 
Berlin Fashion week.

 And in the centre of Alexander Plats they had window displays of some of the designers in Berlin Fashion week, such as>>>>>>>
Van Reimersdahl
with the cool thinly painted colored lines on tights making it look like water colour. I also loved the millinery designs and the black tassled tshirt

Baiba Ripa
Had a more sophisticated design with black and white being the main colours, but I just adore the 3D skirt that has an orchid slash flower arrangement on it.

Anna Aichinger
I don’t really like the playsuit and the shorts and the shirt combination. I’m more infatuated with the deep scoop mustard orange dress. Chic and simple..... I very much Like.

I managed to attend the trade show fair Bread and Butter.
As you can see here very publicised in German magazines. 

I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the Trade Show as I wasn’t press, but it was incredible...... loads of street style stores showing the upcoming collections for fashion buyers to go crazy at. 

There was a place called the magazine lounge where I managed to collect a sizeable amount of magazines.
Here are a few images of my favourite editorials.
This is why my suitcase weighed 23 kilos when returning to the UK!!!!!!  

With all the buzz about Berlin Fashion week I was interviewed and asked about my style and about how the image of Berlin Fashion is Portrayed? very very fun, not sure who I interviewed for but I was in front of someone camera.

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