Monday, 29 November 2010

I want to wear a Cupcake

 Cupcakes are a loved by all girls and there's something really endearing about them,
For my 20th Birthday my best friend made me these Cupcakes and they were incredible, to look at and to eat

Cupcakes are a huge part of fashion like the hand bag designer 
Judith Leiber, who's cupcake bag was featured in one of the most fashionable films of the 20th century Sex and the City the film.

Cupcake companies such as Cupcakes Nouveau and Wendys Cake Art have even made designer cupcakes!

Here is a dress from Christian Lacroix's fall 2007 collection and you can see the influence of cupcake layers being incorporated to this dress.

This just reminds me of a cupcake in a dress.

Even (one of my favourite photographers) Tim Walker is embracing the Cupcake.

And one of the coolest designers ever, Emma Bell used some knitted cakes and cupcakes to create this absolutely wicked dress, I hope to own one day!

But Cupcakes are in advertising like this Visa advert

and even a form of vehicle, photographed by Declan McCullah

So let them Eat Cake!

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  1. You certainly love cupcakes! Who wouldn’t? They look adorable and delectable. Even the cupcake cars look good enough to eat…err, to drive!


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