Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Mcqueen, Mcqueen How Keen I am for Alexander McQueen

Hello Jelly Beans,

Just have a small comment about the genius of Mcqueen. In my previous blog I mentioned my shopping trip to the Milton Keynes, where i also managed to buy a dress from River Island definitley inspired by McQeens fall 2009 r-t-w collection.

I definitley feel that dogtooth is the main theme in this collection (DUH). But the first thing I thought of when I saw these hideously wonderful creatures were Leigh Bowery. Leigh Bowery was an Australian New Romantic in the 80's in the London clubbing scene with Steve Strange, Boy George and Marilyn all experimenting with drugs and pushing the fashion restrictions and taboos to the maximum limits. Although distgusting (I remember hearing about Leigh pooing on stage into the audience as an art piece!!! :-S) I have this huge fasination of him. His lifestyle and clothing were extreme, most people wouldn't even know what his actual face would look like because it was always covered up so much by makeup, wax, leather, jewels, sunglasses anything at all. The New Romantics lifestyle was all about dressing up and it was a competition of who could out dress, which I would have loved to have lived in not that I would've been any good. He was a huge influence to the artist Lucian Frued, the photographer David Lachapelle, fellow New Romantic John Galliano and now to the McQueen. I want to say my respects to Leigh Bowery as he tragically died from Aids on New Years eve 1994. So tomorrow I will have a little pause for the great Lowery and his family.

Au Revoir 2009, What should I wear?

Hello Snowflakes,
Hope the Christmas holidays were all as magical as they were for me. After being stuffed with turkey, brussel sprouts, potatoes, gravy and endless amounts of chocolates my tummy is all stuffed and ready to blow any day now. Yesterday I scooted off (well more like waddled) to Milton Keynes, with my Christmas glow and a hand full of Christmas money I wanted to hit the sales hard.

Under the man sized Christmas cracker, I noticed the opening of the new Hollister co. Had arrived to Milton Keynes. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of overpriced t shirts with only a bird stitched onto the clothing, and so slightly bias when commenting to the products, but the shop front was more than intriguing. With a kind of beach house set up, it definitely portrayed the Malibu, Californian image of the brand, using palm trees and a little hut covering the shop entrance. It stood out among the surrounding shops such as New Look and Zara but it worked in its favour. Having only two mannequins displayed outside showing a male and female outfit and blacked out windows and doors, it forced people to enter just for the pure curiosity. So I have to congratulate Hollister co. because although I despise the merchandise they managed to draw a hater into they're shop.

After the shake up of nearly entering a Hollister co. shop I had to find my rehab. Only a stroll away, I rolled over to H&M. I always feel like Hennes and Mauritz has an imaginary scarf wrapping me up in safety blanket. Now in fashion I've made a fashion crime because brands have to be "edgy," "unique" and "different" and safe is considered as a taboo, an insult,but i think it can be a good thing. The first thing you see is a beautifully displayed window showing the dresses and suits people should be or want to be wearing for the New Year. There was this modern 1920's glamour look with the message "party party party" in gold lights. Gold and black were the main colours used in the windows making the women mannequins look very Marlene Dietrich and the men very sophisticated, clean cut and suave, following the Fred Astaire Footsteps. But when I describe H&M as "safe" I mean they know how to hit a variety of markets, childrenswear, menswear, womenswear but they also target different social groups, the pregnant mum, experimental teenager, the savvy fashionista and the confused shopper. H&M make it very easy for shoppers to find something to buy, especially with the new year coming up, you always know you will look fashionable with whatever you purchase there. This is why H&M maintain a massive lead on the high street as a fashion king.

So I managed to find my jewel of a party dress in good ole' TK Maxx a Goddess London dress that went from £50 to £20. So so so so so very happy as it reminds me of one of my favorite designers the new up and coming William Tempest. He graduated from London College of Fashion and has worked for Jean Charles de Castelbajac in Paris and Giles Deacon, so with this combination he has an expertise in construction and a magic potion of bedazzle and amazement making him indestructible. Watch out ladies and gents his dresses will melt all women's hearts they are more desirable than a man. Here's the link enjoy!:

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Julafton= Chrsitmas Eve


This is my first ever blog, so hopefully you like it. Feel very welcome to comment on my unusual posts.

I'll give you a little introduction. Little Swedish freckle who's managed to live all around the world, Sweden, Singapore, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, so consequently a little eclectic international kid, but now living in the currently snowy England. I'm extremely passionate about Art and Fashion since I was little girl and could pick up my grandmothers Fashion magazines. I remember she used to have a room with these beautiful vintage mannequins and a wall full off rolls of material with a massive box full of buttons, it was like a treasure box. She also used to have the most incredible lace collection ever.

Sorry a bit of a babbler, but came across this lovely piece today by Shirazeh Houshiary 1993, Thought it was quite cool and abstract, i mean imagine if people started having upside down Christmas trees, it could be quite cool. We could have upside down Christmas dresses or upside down turkeys.

On a Fashion note, as a Swedish patriot, we have to wrap up warm for this Christmas. This Christmas as usual entails freezing weather, ice, icicles, snow, snowflakes, slush, tacky Christmas lights, Julmust (amazing Christmas drink), ice rinks, sledging, Santa Lucia, and naked trees. so my recommendations is to check out Swedish Designer Sandra Backlund. I rave rave have a little party about her she is incredibly talented designer, using materials like knit and even pegs to make incredible couture and architectural and even border line art work pieces. Here's her link so go explore into her stunning collections:

Hope you liked my first post, please feel free to comment and ask questions. Have a Merry Christmas and as they say it in Sweden God Jul.

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