Thursday, 24 December 2009

Julafton= Chrsitmas Eve


This is my first ever blog, so hopefully you like it. Feel very welcome to comment on my unusual posts.

I'll give you a little introduction. Little Swedish freckle who's managed to live all around the world, Sweden, Singapore, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, so consequently a little eclectic international kid, but now living in the currently snowy England. I'm extremely passionate about Art and Fashion since I was little girl and could pick up my grandmothers Fashion magazines. I remember she used to have a room with these beautiful vintage mannequins and a wall full off rolls of material with a massive box full of buttons, it was like a treasure box. She also used to have the most incredible lace collection ever.

Sorry a bit of a babbler, but came across this lovely piece today by Shirazeh Houshiary 1993, Thought it was quite cool and abstract, i mean imagine if people started having upside down Christmas trees, it could be quite cool. We could have upside down Christmas dresses or upside down turkeys.

On a Fashion note, as a Swedish patriot, we have to wrap up warm for this Christmas. This Christmas as usual entails freezing weather, ice, icicles, snow, snowflakes, slush, tacky Christmas lights, Julmust (amazing Christmas drink), ice rinks, sledging, Santa Lucia, and naked trees. so my recommendations is to check out Swedish Designer Sandra Backlund. I rave rave have a little party about her she is incredibly talented designer, using materials like knit and even pegs to make incredible couture and architectural and even border line art work pieces. Here's her link so go explore into her stunning collections:

Hope you liked my first post, please feel free to comment and ask questions. Have a Merry Christmas and as they say it in Sweden God Jul.

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