Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Mcqueen, Mcqueen How Keen I am for Alexander McQueen

Hello Jelly Beans,

Just have a small comment about the genius of Mcqueen. In my previous blog I mentioned my shopping trip to the Milton Keynes, where i also managed to buy a dress from River Island definitley inspired by McQeens fall 2009 r-t-w collection.

I definitley feel that dogtooth is the main theme in this collection (DUH). But the first thing I thought of when I saw these hideously wonderful creatures were Leigh Bowery. Leigh Bowery was an Australian New Romantic in the 80's in the London clubbing scene with Steve Strange, Boy George and Marilyn all experimenting with drugs and pushing the fashion restrictions and taboos to the maximum limits. Although distgusting (I remember hearing about Leigh pooing on stage into the audience as an art piece!!! :-S) I have this huge fasination of him. His lifestyle and clothing were extreme, most people wouldn't even know what his actual face would look like because it was always covered up so much by makeup, wax, leather, jewels, sunglasses anything at all. The New Romantics lifestyle was all about dressing up and it was a competition of who could out dress, which I would have loved to have lived in not that I would've been any good. He was a huge influence to the artist Lucian Frued, the photographer David Lachapelle, fellow New Romantic John Galliano and now to the McQueen. I want to say my respects to Leigh Bowery as he tragically died from Aids on New Years eve 1994. So tomorrow I will have a little pause for the great Lowery and his family.

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