Saturday, 2 January 2010

Press my coundown button to 2010

Hello bundles of Candy floss,
I am hoping everyone had the most ludicrous countdown to the New Year like I did. I decided to go to Nottingham where I'm studying at University to attend Stealth/Rescue room and Rock city's Countdown. Well what can I say, I was completely blown away. For once I am speechless, New Year has always been a let down for me in previous years, but this year took me to a different world. Here are some of the crazy peeps with their eccentric fashion sense, highlighting the trends for the New Year Gear.
I was first introduced to a relaxed-jolly-quirky-down to earth-sunflower-flower power attitude youngen. While drinking her dry white wine she was accompanied by the coolest strapless jumpsuit from Topshop and to edge it up she added a leather jacket. She managed to soften the look by keeping the widest of grins and having an adorable white floral headband. Bopping along, Incredibly jealous of her utter laid back aura.

Lipsy must of had a colossal increase in sales as they were extremely popular for this new year. My sister being one very loyal customer wearing a black and blue Lipsy tulip strapless dress, accompanied by a New Look sequin jacket I bought her for Christmas. When the strobes came on everyone immediately drew their eyes to the sequins around the room.

Not forgetting about the gentleman, instead of bow ties and suits, the men had traded in for the hoods and the hippidy hop image. Loving the chillax to the max as they jig to the beats of dubstep. Thank you Run d MC as we wouldn't have this without you. I'm liking the kind of rebellion to the black tie as well, the loosening up and cashualing it up is cool in itself.

The high street this year has been invaded by sequins and so there was no surprise there was another infestation at this New Years. Every girl wants to glitz it up for the firework celebration. All I can say is that there's nothing better than when the lazers shine to the crowd and we are suddenly seeing an effect like shattering glass a massive disco ball ricocheting everywhere the sequins reflection bouncing off the walls. There's something magical about glitter and sequins and so I hope the trend carries on for a few more seasons.

Meeting a fellow bargain hunter is always a site for sore eyes. My fellow scavenger for the cheapest deals found her feather one sleeve dress in the Manchester market for a fiver. I nearly fainted of the pure ludicrously!! That's right ladies and gentleman Vintage, Market, Thrift, Bootsale finds are the rage and will be for a long time. So get your white gloves on and be prepared to dig deep for there are still many jewels to be found.

Sienna, the Moss, the O twins all rock out the boho slash shabby chic, and the trend continues to strive. With events like Glastonbury the tartan baggy t shirts, huge antique jewellery, the t shirts with peculiar meassages were all present at this New Years celebration and I'm sure it will live on to 2010.

Just after the euphoria of the countdown to 2010 the lights go crazy people are screaming, crying, kissing, laughing, dancing and suddenly the feeling of a new decade ahead of us is suddenly very exciting. After meeting such a variety of people in New Year it makes you love the individualism in people. Nothing more to say peeps but keep an eye out because 2010 is going to blast us somewhere unknown but it's definitely worth seeing!!!


  1. thanks, its from gina ! ;)
    where u from ? ;)

  2. love the last dress, so cute with the heart! happy new year :)


  3. Hey Fashiiondiaries I'm Swedish but been lucky to have lived nearly everywhere. Lol what about you?


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