Sunday, 17 January 2010

The buildings are so tall I feel like an Ant**

Hello sequined oranges,

So haven't written in my blog for about a week and so much much much stories to catch up on!
Have just had an over the moon experience, well more like over the Atlantic ocean, because for the first time ever I had gone to the US to the notorious New York!
Had to get up ridiculously early 430 for the bus at 530 and me and my friend thought it would be a really good idea to just stay up and watch 90210 until we got the bus. Big mistake because we managed to nod off and sleep for an hour only to wake up and feel terrible! should of taken mummies advice and had an early night.

On the plane though we were lucky to Virgin, but not so lucky in the fact good ole' English weather decided to snow down the clouds making loads of flights cancel. Luckily Our Virgin plane saved the day with no delays and properly fed us with vegetarian lasagna, brownies, go pots (greatest dessert creation known to man). So decide to turn on the little telly on the plane and watched the hangover for the very first time, which quite embarrassingly woke the person in front of me because i was laughing so much.

Finally when I arrived in New York after the short journey from JFK to the hotel which was like an old fashioned Russian hotel with beautiful chandeliers, old school rustic lift; which could only hold max 4 people and gold detailing everywhere from the chairs to the little cherubs on the ceiling, me and my roommates dumped our bags to go explore this New York Jungle.

On our travels to find a typical "American diner," me and the girls acted like such girls and found a police car and took too many photos beside it. I don't think the police officer or the New Yorkers appreciated how ridiculously touristy us English were. But how could you not be? you had no idea where to look. At least with London it's on the buildings are slightly on the eye line but in New York they soo tall, felt very very small but not intimidated. There are no words to describe, incredible doesn't do justice. Walked by Macy's which was cleverly the Macy's logo on a Huge shopping bag. Was very cool. I've heard so much about Macy's being incredible and even when you say "Macy's," It sounds so luxurious!

Finally found the diner, which looked like the setting of Greece, with booths, waiters in checkers, loving the neon blue and pink lights and the menus filled with American sloppy burgers. Finally decided to get burger with mozzarella and chips. Couldn't believe how big the portions were, I mean I heard they were big but nothing of this calibre! I just managed the burger but sorry couldn't even look at the chips there was just too much.

I felt like i was in a fantasy land, very cliche, but i needed someone to pinch me or throw a bucket of cold water over me it didn't feel real but luckily back at the hotel Aladdin was on the TV and managed to calm my Jitters and help me fall asleep. Thank you Jafar, Aladdin and Abu

titi a fem tata for now More to come from about New York! and a little video if you'd like to watch!

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