Sunday, 9 January 2011

Enter my Boudoir

I think one of the most personal  things in the world is someone's bedroom.
And a guarantee a fair chunk of people would class their bed as their favourite possession.
Im pretty fortunate I have two amazing bedrooms, one at 
Home with my Mummy..........

And one in University in Nottingham........ 

Yes I do have enough clothes to start my own shop,
and i'm slightly addicted to sparkly things, hence the mass amount of bling***

And I bum this advert with the dumpage of the other partner and the clean chic room. Good ole' Jean Paul Gaultier

Here are a few kooky bedrooms I quite Fancy
(Sophie Vlaming editorial photographed by Bruno Dayan and Jimmy Backius)
(Tim Walker)
(Marilyn Monroe)
(Julianne Moore for Tom Ford)
(Audrey Hepburn)
(Tracey Emin, My Bed)
(Van Gogh)
(Marie Antoinette)


  1. It all looks so lovely!


  2. Thank you, makes you want to spend more time in bed though lol x


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