Thursday, 23 September 2010

Christian Dior

Christain Dior Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 Haute Couture
Tropical Flowers on Ecstasy is all I can say
Love it
Always a fan of John Galliano using all the colours under the Rainbow and Brightening up Fall with vivid pigments of colour.
I also like the connotation of having coloured cellophane wrapped around the models heads as if a representation of a bouquet of exotic flowers.
Stephen Jones was incharge of this Headgear.
Galliano didn't even hold back with the shapes, having dresses hems in the shape of petals and evening dresses reminiscent of fields of flowers.
Obviously Dior is famous for it's tulip shape dresses in the 40's, so that was a source of inspiration as well as flower photos from Irving Penn and Nick Knight.

Christian Dior Tulip Pleat Skirt
I hate it when Fall always means browns, navys and Black colours are in season
Galliano is marching on the Pro colour  for Fall Parade!!!!!
All the Flower Photos are Irving Penn

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