Tuesday, 21 September 2010

N.E.E.T.... I want to be a gypsy

An amazing Feature in N.E.E.T. Magazine:

and with the help of fantastic photography by Alexandra Valenti:

comes the great photographic feature about the Ebay shop
Sisters of the Black Moon.

Showing great vintage maxi dresses, faux fur peacoat dress coats, western boho sheer tops and glitter high-waisted trousers which would make Sienna Miller Dribble!!!!!!!!
This combination of 70's hippie, gypsy jingling jewels, floral kaliedoscopic patterns, care free attitude is what I would love to be... but im not that cool

Check out the ebay shop:

I know Im Banging on about Bestival,
but I recon only a year ago this is how it would of been like
and how it should be like!!
I Now Want to be a GYPSY

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