Friday, 24 September 2010

Fam Irvoll Spring/Summer 2011

Fam Irvoll is my cup of tea
(actually I don't really like tea so he's my cup of Coffee I guess)

I just want to proclaim my love, this Oslo designer has made my wardrobe for 2011 Spring Summer

This combination of PoP Art head gear with Roy Lichtenstein-esque sayings such as
"I Know I'm Late But....." is so so Cute

but I love the use of Powwzer of Bright colours from all the colours of the rainbow from the tights even to the hair colour.

Personal favourites are the 
Yellow Sweetheart Dress with Bow
The Cloud oversized Dress Jumper
The Lip Printed Leggings
and the Crazy Bouffon of a tutu at the end

What I love about this designer is that not only the clothes are fun and kitsch 
but even the models have wiped off that serious-Zoolander-posed looks and are actually having fun

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